Cannabis market analyst solutions

New market entry analysis

Dedicated analyst support gives you allocated time to validate assumptions, review market projections, and develop pro-formas for upcoming products introductions. Learn more about developing new cannabis products

Competitive landscape analysis

Whether you are thinking about launching an entire new product line or simply wants to better understand the market you are currently competing in a competitive landscape analysis can get you the insight you need to win.

Develop your approach to demand planning

Our analysts can help you plan for the future and anticipate increases in demand. Whether it’s teaching you how to create a promotion strategy with consumer data or when to have you vendor day, we’ve got the answers you need.

Expanding your cannabis business

Custom cannabis business analyst services to help retailers and dispensaries with initial business decisions such as building pro-formas, stocking store shelves, anticipating demand, making pricing and promotion decision and more.

Much more!

Your unique situation requires a unique analysis, and the Headset team is ready to deliver on it. Our analysts work directly with your team to identify the problem space and build a custom solution just for you.