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Canada Day One Analysis

November 1, 2018


Congratulations Canada, the numbers are in and day one of legal cannabis was a roaring success! In Ontario the nation's most populated province, 38,000 orders were processed in the first hours alone. Reports from Quebec state 42,000 orders were processed in-store and online throughout the day. At Headset, we work to track sales at the SKU (product) level through our retailer integrations and while we're eagerly waiting to see what products and brands are the biggest winners from a sales perspective, we wanted to publish a quick analysis of what we saw on day one.

This is specifically a Day 1 analysis, and Day 30 or Day 365 will look very different. For a new market opening, the limited representation of brick-and-mortar stores is par for the course based on what we've seen with market launches in the US — but the addition of e-commerce is a new variable that is an exciting trend. We are eager to augment our services with the transaction data we're currently gathering and will have more to share on that front soon..


We looked at each provinces e-commerce implementation to better understand pricing, availability and assortment. Through this analysis we are able to find things like significant price variations across provinces, different brands, category and product allocations. We also take a deeper dive into the leading LPs. Stay tuned for a more formal analysis that will include transaction data in the coming weeks. At Headset, this is just the start of our Canada analytics reporting and if you’re interested in more, please get in touch at or find us online at

Pricing Analysis

Average price per gram varies by province with lowest prices found in Quebec and highest prices found in Ontario and Alberta. Oils see a similar trend with Ontario having the highest prices per mL and NB having the lowest.

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