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Turning retail data into real-time insights on category, brand, and product trends

Monitor category, brand, and product trends, based on real-time aggregated sales data. Understand your brand position, decide on new product introductions, and rely on data to guide your most crucial business decisions.
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The new legal cannabis market in California is showing unique traits unseen in other legal markets.

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Keep track of California's top ten Best Sellers in each product category

Brand Positioning

Discover the best brands and where they rank with other brands within the same category.

price and unit fluctuations

Find out the average price of each product and sparklines of how many units sold in the within the past 30 days.

similar products

Spot related products, learn more about each brand and their market position.

California's best selling cannabis product lists are updated in real-time - so check back daily!

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As a member of the California Cannabis Industry Association you get preferred access to Headset products and services which means actionable analytics are at your fingertips, giving you the insights you need to make those critical business decisions.
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