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You can now keep a pulse check on legal cannabis markets with our new, free tool, Insights Pulse. Why wait? Start leveraging the industry’s most robust data set today.

Harness the full power of your store’s data

With Retailer Premium, you’ll look deeper into your store's revenue drivers and get a full picture of how your customers make purchasing decisions.

Why should you leverage our first-class cannabis retail data and analytics solution?

Our premium offering provides you with everything you get in the free version, but you'll now have access to four, new modules built to make your store's data analysis holistic and actionable for the entire team. You'll see beyond the day-to-day and uncover insights to help you plan for the future, identify your customer base, measure marketing efforts, and increase the value of each customer transaction.

Demand Planning

Allows you to better understand when your products are purchased so you can make more informed decisions about product, delivery, promotions, and vendor days. This data provides a more in-depth way to do period-over-period analysis as well as leverages time of day and day of week analysis. It also allows allows you to see differences in sales for holidays.

Basket Analysis

Analyze your store sales in a new way. In these dashboards we break sales down into its major components: total number of baskets and average basket size. There are only two ways for a retailer to increase their revenues either increase the number of baskets or increase the average size of a basket. These dashboards are meant to give you the ability to examine your sales trends and decide how to best build your revenue growth strategy. In here, we give critical new metrics like Basket Penetration (the % of baskets that contain a given category or brand) and Attachment Rate (the % of baskets with Item A that contain Item B).

Marketing Analysis

Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. In these dashboards, you can review more closely how their discounts are working, if your referral campaigns are driving customers into the door, and which referral campaigns are driving more revenues. Additionally, with cohort analysis you can examine cohorts of customers based on referral source, date of first purchase, or both to see if you are attracting the right types of customers.

Customer Analysis

Deeply understand your customers and come up with data-driven business strategies for driving your revenues. This module contains seven dashboards which together offer a picture of your customer's shopping behaviors. If you have been struggling to understand who your customers are, which customers drive more revenues or profits, how different customers purchase products, and how often and how much your customers spend, these dashboards will help illuminate the data.

Go beyond high level analytics and zoom in to your store's data to uncover business saving insights

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