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Steps for configuring BioTrackTHC

There are two types of  BioTrackTHC configuration: cloud and local server. Installation procedures will vary based on whether you have a Local server or Cloud access.  This article will cover both approaches.  As we'll reiterate below, unless you've done a BioTrackTCH configuration before, we strongly urge you to allow us to assist you.

Local Server:

The easiest way forward here will be to allow monitored Headset access to the local server. The highly-experienced Headset team can easily work through the common issues associated with local installation while you observe.  

  1. Have Headset create the store and company in Headset as needed.
  2. Obtain an .api key from Headset.
  3. To allow Headset monitoried remote access, use this link to download the Headset Program via Teamviewer onto the local computer:
  4. Create a new user in your BioTrack account. No special permissions are necessary, but no part of the user name can contain, 'headset'.
  5. Once the program is installed, it might pop up automatically.  The path is: (program files x86 > Headset BioTrack > Control App. exe).
  6. Enter the new BioTrack user and the Headset API key.
  7. Press Save & Close and then confirm with Headset that the connection was made (registration with Headset takes a few minutes).

Cloud Server:

  1. Email requesting to connect.

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