Divvy Digital provides custom branded TV menus that automatically sync with your dispensary's inventory allowing you to focus on what you do best. With Divvy Digital's proprietary software, you can easily schedule your own custom advertisements by day, week, or month, all in advance.  Whether you are looking for Custom TV Menus or simply an easy way to schedule content to your screens, Divvy has you covered. To find out why some of the nation's top dispensaries are choosing Divvy, click on the below link.

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NCR Counterpoint

NCR provides leading business solutions for industries large and small including Banks, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Theaters, Airlines, and modern stadiums and arenas.


Blaze caters to the fast-moving cannabis industry by providing a POS system catered to budtenders.


BioTrack is a comprehensive cannabis and hemp software and business solution that has covered the requirements of compliant seed-to-sale tracking, data reporting, and dispensary point-of-sale in every market since 2010.