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KlickTrack is an all in one cannabis retail solution. Built by cannabis retailers for cannabis retailers. KlickTrack enables merchants to earn more, spend less time on complicated tasks, and keeps customers compliant.

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About KlickTrack

KlickTrack has developed a full-service POS and inventory management software for the cannabis industry which surpasses any product available to date. Developed by cannabis industry pioneers and thought leaders Steve Kessler and Brendan Hill along with world class architecture and development by Chris Cooley and Parham Farsi, KlickTrack is simply the best POS in the cannabis industry.

Why KlickTrack?

Designed and developed by cannabis retailers for cannabis retailers, KlickTrack solves more pain points than any other POS in the industry. We focus keenly on our customer experience and it shows ... our platform is intuitive and helps dispensaries manage and grow their business.

Key services

POS platform provider offering a host of services from sales/revenue tracking, inventory, compliance, SMS / MMS messaging, payments and loyalty.

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We partner up with leading companies in and out of the cannabis industry to bring you the best cannabis market data and analytics solutions, along with well over 2,000 retail and dispensary cooperators.

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Point Of Sale

A California focused POS software for tracking inventory from seed to sale.


Springbig is the leading provider of loyalty marketing, communication, and CRM software for cannabis dispensaries and cannabis brands.

Point Of Sale

Flowhub is the cannabis point of sale software company that makes running a dispensary easier than ever. As the first Metrc integrator, Flowhub provides compliant inventory tracking, payments, and business management solutions purposefully built to simplify daily dispensary workflows.

Greenline POS
Point Of Sale

Greenline POS is a compliant, scalable, cannabis point of sale system, powering over 800 stores across Canada.

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