Metrc’s solution combines advanced software, radio-frequency identification, a dedicated customer-support team, and a secure database to track and trace cannabis from growth, harvest, and processing to testing, shipment, and sale. Our system shows where products are, where they came from, and what went into them, all in real-time. Government officials want a reliable and effective tool to monitor the industry, growers and business-owners want a flexible and easy-to-use system for reporting that keeps them compliant, and consumers want assurance that the products they are buying are safe. Metrc meets all of these demands simultaneously, acting as a monitoring and reporting tool for regulators, a supply chain assurance and tracking tool for business owners, and source of truth for the buying public. Metrc is proud to serve more than 150,000 users, including growers, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulators, and law enforcement officials across 15 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

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