Springbig is the leading loyalty, communications, and marketing platform in the cannabis industry, helping over 1,600 dispensaries generate more revenue and build relationships with over 26,000,000 consumers, all in one easy-to-use platform. Additionally, Brands by Springbig - the cannabis industry’s first digital ad network, allows brands to directly market to their consumers through stores that carry their products, dramatically increasing sales.

Take advantage of our game changing integration & streamline your marketing campaigns.

Now you can target core customer segments and further personalize your marketing efforts using this new integration. Learn more about our game changing integration or request a demo today.

Advanced segmentation

Message your "Can't lose" segments at risk, or send your most engaged "Champions" a deal on your next product coming out for early VIP access.

Comprehensive analytics

A single source of truth for your marketing campaigns to understand your customer base, what's working, and reduce time spent developing campaigns & messaging.


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The leading business news information resource for the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry. Marijuana Business Daily provides the information and networking cannabis businesses and professionals need to flourish within the industry.


Blaze caters to the fast-moving cannabis industry by providing a POS system catered to budtenders.

MJ Platform

A simple POS system that provides additional access to tasks such as purchasing hardware or transferring your database to make the onboarding process seamless.