Point Of Sale

A California focused POS software for tracking inventory from seed to sale.

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About Treez

Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform that streamlines retail and supply chain operations within the cannabis market. Through its innovative technology for retailers and brands, the company provides a robust breadth and depth of software solutions required to operate a successful modern dispensary.

Solutions include point of sale, dispensary inventory management, omnichannel sales capabilities and multiple cashless payment options all on a mission-critical platform that ensures regulatory compliance across every supply chain transaction. The innovative platform also connects essential brands with their retailers through a centralized brand catalog with real-time market insights. The extensible open API platform provides smooth integration into a variety of best-of-breed solutions, including CRM, marketplace, cashless payments and data analytics across the partner ecosystem, giving retailers everything they need to grow their business.

Why Treez?

Operate with total efficiency. Control inventory and purchasing, streamline compliance, and manage omni-channel sales all on one platform with SellTreez Point-Of-Sale.

Create meaningful interactions. Increase revenue and average order value and create an optimized customer experience from start to finish with cashless payments through TreezPay.

Make data-driven decisions. Leverage data and insights to understand the industry and capture more of the future market with AskTreez.

Benefit from open technology integrations. Unlike other platforms, we work with all available partners to provide you with best-of-breed solutions based on your unique needs such as e-commerce, loyalty programs, payments, accounting, and more.

Core Services


SellTreez POS solution plus retail management capabilities empowers you to Increase transactions, control inventory, optimize workflows, and fulfill omnichannel sales.

  • Easily control inventory and purchasing to decrease loss and increase profits
  • Create an efficient check-in process that minimizes customer wait times
  • Offer customers a broader range of shopping experiences across multiple channels
  • Open API platform provides integration into solutions across the partner ecosystem


TreezPay delivers secure, convenient, integrated cashless payment solutions that increase revenue and elevate your customer experience.

  • Variety of cashless payment options with TreezPay including ACH, Pin Debit, and Cashless ATM


AskTreez Data Analytics platform provides Retailers with insights and inventory knowledge to create retail management dashboards to report across their entire operation.

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We partner up with leading companies in and out of the cannabis industry to bring you the best cannabis market data and analytics solutions, along with well over 2,000 retail and dispensary cooperators.

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Point Of Sale

A California focused POS software for tracking inventory from seed to sale.


Springbig is the leading provider of loyalty marketing, communication, and CRM software for cannabis dispensaries and cannabis brands.

Point Of Sale

Flowhub is the cannabis point of sale software company that makes running a dispensary easier than ever. As the first Metrc integrator, Flowhub provides compliant inventory tracking, payments, and business management solutions purposefully built to simplify daily dispensary workflows.

Greenline POS
Point Of Sale

Greenline POS is a compliant, scalable, cannabis point of sale system, powering over 800 stores across Canada.

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