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Cannabis Market Overview February 2020

Feb 13, 2020

Welcome to our monthly cannabis market overview.

We look at five key metrics from the previous month to provide you with a pulse check on 10 legal cannabis markets. The quick read will present data on total sales, year-over-year growth, basket count, and more. You'll find a few shoutouts for brands & companies that achieved something noteworthy as well. We're starting with 10 markets for now, and are working hard to add more to the monthly overview throughout 2020.

Metric Definitions

  • Total sales = the total amount of sales for the month.
  • YoY sales growth = calculates the percentage change in total sales from the same month last year.
  • Basket count = is the total amount of transactions for the month.
  • Average basket = total revenue divided by the total number of transactions.
  • Brand concentration = is the % of the market that the top 10 brands make up (in terms of sales dollars). EX: in CA in Dec 2019 the top 10 brands held 32% market share.

Let’s get into it…

The Alberta Market

While Alberta technically became legal back in October 2019, Edibles first hit the shelves of cannabis retailers in January 2020. The brand Foray, a brand held by Auxly, dominated the first month with two flavored chocolate squares capturing over 30% of sales within the category.

The British Columbia Market

The California Market

The California shoutout for the month of January goes to Raw Garden, selling over 9K units of their Chemdogging Cartridge (gram) with over $476K in sales.

The Colorado Market

In the Colorado market, Wana continues to show success, especially with their Sativa Sour Gummies (100mg) seeing over $587K in sales and 33K units sold.

The Illinois Market

The Massachusetts Market

The Maryland Market

The Nevada Market

Desert Growth Farms is making great strides with their Afternoon Delight (eighth) with over $275K in sales. This product held 7% of total brand market share in January which was an increase from the previous month (Dec) where it had only 3% of the brand’s total sales.

The Oregon Market

The Washington Market

Phat Panda’s OG Chem Pre-Roll (gram) performed extremely well, selling over 88K units in the month of January.