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Insights Pulse: Our free cannabis data and market intelligence tool

Mar 27, 2020

Headset brings the cannabis industry the most reliable and up-to-date market intelligence, all through simple, easy-to-use tools. You now have access to explore market-level data, all for free. With, Insights Pulse, you're able to maintain a high-level read on legal cannabis and understand markets at the category level.

Our main goal with Insights Pulse is to help you start leveraging market level data to better navigate the ever-changing cannabis industry. Below you’ll find an overview of what’s included in Insights Pulse, detailing what each dashboard empowers you to uncover. We'll also highlight the differences in the depth of analysis between Insights Pulse and our full market intelligence tool, Insights Premium, so you can determine which solution best fits your business goals.

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  • Always maintain a pulse on the marketplace and never miss major market trends. Business owners, inventors, operators, media, and policymakers will benefit from constant access to the industry's most robust data set and market intelligence.
  • Recreational cannabis markets are ever-changing. It's a big year for expansion and legalization across the board. Stay ahead by having the industry's most comprehensive data set right at your fingertips.

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Insights Pulse allows you to analyze sales data from the previous 24 complete months. As of March 2020, the states and provinces you’ll be able to see in Insights Pulse are Alberta, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Nevada & Washington. We're working as hard as we can to add more markets quickly! Headset's data and insights come from connections to over 1000 cannabis retail shops across the U.S. and Canada, we'll be bringing new market data to you soon. Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Oregon are on the way. As a full Insights Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to more market history as well real-time data for our full-read markets.

Our approach to the category-level read

Headset classifies cannabis into nine categories. It's important that you know each of these in order to read the various dashboards available in Insights Pulse. Five of these categories are non-inhalable products: beverages, capsules, edibles, tinctures and sublinguals (oil in Canadian markets), and topicals. Four of these categories are inhalable products: flower, pre-roll, concentrates and vapor pens.

If you want to go beyond the category level and see the data at the segment, brand, and product level, please review our full Insights product to see what's available in your market.

What you get from Insights Pulse

Access to 3 dashboards from our full Insights platform:

  • All Market Overview
  • Category Overview
  • Market by Category

Now, let's walk through the ways Insights Pulse enables you to leverage  market level data and insights. We'll start by reviewing the purpose and value behind each dashboards and list a handful of questions you'll be empowered to answer. We've also created tutorial videos to help you move fast and jump right in.

All market overview

Headset Insights Pulse All Cannabis Market Overview
Headset Insights Pulse All Cannabis Market Overview

What sort of questions can you answer using the All Market Overview dashboard?

  • How large is the California market? Is it growing faster or slower than Nevada?
  • Has growth changed this year vs. last year? Is growth accelerating or decelerating?
  • How does each market discount? What is the typical discount in Alberta vs. California?
  • What day of the week do we see driving sales? Is Colorado different than WA in terms of which days are leading sales volume?
  • What time of day are shoppers in stores?
  • Which categories are largest in each market? Do consumers in Washington  spend more of their cannabis wallet on beverages than consumers in Nevada?
  • Which market has the highest/lowest prices? Does Nevada have higher priced vapes, but Washington has higher priced pre-rolls?

Want to dig deeper? Sign up for Insights Premium to unlock sales data as recent as yesterday and uncover insights down to the SKU level.

Category details dashboard

Headset Insights Pulse Cannabis Category Overview
Headset Insights Pulse Cannabis Category Overview

The Category Dashboard allows you to look at a specific category and see how sales and growth vary across different markets:

  • Are edible sales growing faster in California or Nevada?
  • Which state has the highest market share of beverages?
  • What are the prices of products in a market, and how heavily are they discounted?
  • Which day of the week do we see a given category have higher or lower sales?

Market details dashboard

Headset Insights Pulse Market by Cannabis  Product Category
Headset Insights Pulse Market by Cannabis  Product Category

Learn more about a specific state or province and compare category sales and growth within a single market:

  • What is the month-over-month growth trend?
  • Is discount usage becoming more or less prevalent, and which categories are the most heavily discounted?
  • Is a change in sales being driven by unit volume or price changes?
  • Have all categories seen the same growth within a market? Which categories are expanding vs. contracting?

Headset resources

Need more detail and support? No problem! The good people at Headset are ready to help. Just reach out to us at and someone will get in contact with you.

Training Videos

Would you like to know more?

Access our full market reads to get the most from our data set. Subscribers to Insights Premium can dive deeper even deeper into the data, and look at:

Equivalized price

  • Otherwise known as EQ price, equivalized price is the normalized price of products within a category. With Insights Pulse, you can see market trends by price per milligram THC for non-inhalables or price per gram for inhalable products. Our market data includes the retail price as well as the wholesale price that the store paid for the products.


  • See which brands within a state are dominating the categories. Are brands building portfolios across multiple categories or focusing on a single product line? Are premium brands growing faster than value brands?

Package size

  • Break down unit sales, retailer price, wholesale price and other measures by package size.


  • Get more detail on categories with segment sales data. Segments, otherwise known as subcategories, allow a more granular look at product sales. For example, the edibles category can be analyzed by gummies, chocolates, cookies or brownies.

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