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New product version – Headset Insights 2.0

Jan 17, 2020

Headset Insights 2.0 is here. This completely redesigned UI brings users a beautiful new look, an easier to use interface and more detailed and accurate data. 

In this version, we’ve moved to Looker as our data platform provider, so expect slicker looking visualizations and easier access to data. Looker makes it faster for us to develop and iterate on. This means more features in your hands, sooner!

New look. New metrics

This new visualization platform is all about the details. You can quickly scan the visualizations to get an overall sense of the data. A simple hover will allow you to compare exact numbers.

Headset Insights 2.0 Overview Dashboard 

The Compare Equivalized Price feature helps you understand how markets, categories and brands are doing on a price per gram for inhalable products or price per milligram for edibles, topicals, etc. 

Headset Insights 2.0 Equivalized Price Dashboard

Comparing brands

With Headset Insights 2.0, users can compare what kinds of products different brands are making and what their sales look like. This is crucial to understanding how the market is responding to different strategies.

Headset Insights 2.0 Brand Comparison

Another key component in the new platform is the ability to understand what segments your competition is in so you can look for opportunities to provide something they don’t. In addition, you can compare prices across package sizes to see what formats are resonating with customers.

Headset Insights 2.0 Equivalized Price per package sizes

All about the data

Headset Insights 2.0 is an easy to use portal, allowing you to get data out of Headset and into whatever tools you’d like to use. 

Filter controls let you zero in on the data that you want, at the level of detail you want. 

Headset Insights 2.0 Data Export filters

Once you have everything you need, it’s easy to download as a CSV or PDF file. 

Headset Insights 2.0 Data Export dialog

The hits will keep coming

We’ve delivered a lot of new features we believe you’ll find incredibly useful, but we aren’t done yet. Faster iteration times means we’ll constantly release new features to help you work better.

We want to hear from you. What do you need to be successful? What questions are you trying to answer with Headset?

Submit your feature requests and ideas to our Product Board Portal. If you have thoughts or want to chat about the future of Headset Insights, reach out to our PM Jewel Loree at