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Built for busy store operators. Headset Retailer turns your point-of-sale data into powerful analytics dashboards to reliably manage, forecast, and grow your business.
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Partner with the right vendors:
Don’t let a customer down because you ran out of inventory. Get your suppliers on Headset Bridge, a complementary product, to simplify collaboration between you and your vendor partners on reordering.
Streamline the operation of multiple locations:
Customers buy different things in different neighborhood. Compare sales performance and inventory levels across locations, identify opportunities, and train staff accordingly.
Know how you compare to the market averages to better understand where your store is under and over indexing across key products and categories.
Spot trends and make informed decisions fast:
Analyze your data any way you want to understand brand, category, segment, and product sales by any timeframe you like. You can also examine Stock and SKU levels across multiple product categories.
Understand sales staff performance:
Guidance goes a long way. Compare budtender sales performance vs store averages, identify budtender-vendor affinity and provide data driven feedback to see their performance improve.
Run Promotions Intelligently:
Understand the impact of each promotion on your ROI by measuring its impact to normalized projected sales, run the ones that grow your business, and continue to watch new customers roll in.

This industry moves fast, you need the tools to stay ahead

With over 700+ connected retailers in the US and Canada and over $4.5B of cannabis transactions tracked within the platform, Headset Retailer is the most reliable cannabis data product anywhere.

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