Our Products and Services

Headset combines a suite of complimentary products with a variety of services giving our customers versatility to comprehend, quantify, analyze, and execute decisions in real-time. Headset services combined with third-party integrations, enables organizations build on a loop of discovery, execution and measurement to maximize positions in the market.
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Consumer & Market Insights

  • Identify target customers and channels for customer adoption
  • Get insights into shopper demographics and purchase patterns
  • Understand customer retention and loyalty
  • Measure marketing initiatives and overall ROI of campaigns


  • Better manage inventory and collaborate with vendors
  • Create target production runs with sales forecasting
  • Streamline reordering with automated reports
  • Increase sales staff efficiency

Sales & Inventory Services

  • Optimize for omnichannel: in-store and online sales trends
  • Understand pricing trends and opportunities
  • Build promotions and measure overall impact to sales
  • Understand assortment and ideal inventory carry

Headset Insights is your guide to the legal cannabis market. While you’re focusing on your day-to-day retail or production operations as a cannabis operator, or watching market trends as a financial analyst or consumer packaged goods company, Insights tracks the cannabis industry from a birds-eye view. With Insights you get access in real-time to category and brand trends, analysis of the competitive landscape, demographic insights, and much more, turning you into a cannabis market expert.

Headset Insights helps you:
  • Become a market expert on the fast-growing cannabis industry
  • Track the competitive landscape in real-time
  • Inform new product discovery and development
  • Analyze links between sales and demographics
  • Harness the power of demand planning
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Headset Retailer is a free service designed to help retailers and dispensaries easily glean key insights into their business enabling you to generate additional revenue and save money. We value your hard-earned retail wisdom, and support it with best-in-class business intelligence. Retailer does just this, through sales and inventory analysis, competitive benchmarking, and budtender performance tracking, for even bolder cannabis retail strategy.

Headset Retailer helps you:
  • Benchmark against market averages
  • Quickly identify sales and inventory trends
  • Understand your customer and basket trends
  • Assess budtender performance
  • Manage multiple locations across different point-of-sale systems
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Headset Bridge connects cannabis producers and distributors to those who sell your products. Bridge helps optimize your supply chain by allowing data to flow freely from multiple vendors, making it easier than ever to precisely track sales trends and inventory levels, select price points, and get your customers the exact amount of product they need.

Headset Bridge helps you:
  • Visualize product sales across all retailers
  • Anticipate and optimize inventory levels
  • Develop and execute vendor-driven sales orders
  • Measure the impact of promotions
  • Create a collaborative relationship with your retail partners
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