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With Headset Insights Pulse you’ll be empowered

While you're waiting for your demo to be scheduled, sign up for a free Pulse account. Headset Insights Pulse helps ensure you never miss a beat in this ever-changing industry by providing a pulse-check on each growing cannabis market.  Headset pulls data directly from cannabis retailer point-of-sales and uses it to power projections of the entire legal market. Pulse gives you free access to this data, allowing you to compare the markets and put the data in context.

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A quick look at what you’ll be able to do
  • Understand the size of the legal market and which states & provinces are growing the fastest
  • Compare growth over time to understand if a market is accelerating or decelerating
  • Compare product categories (e.g. flower, edibles) across markets to understand what kinds of products are dominating their market
  • Compare average pricing across markets