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Headset Retailer
Headset Retailer

Headset Retailer - Understand Your Customers & Competitors

Securely connect point-of-sale data to keep you ahead of your market with tools to measure sales, optimize your product inventory, & analyze consumer behavior.
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Measure Sales & Performance

Optimize Product Inventory

Track Consumer Behavior

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Introducing Performance Benchmarking

cannabis retailer benchmarking

By understanding your Sales Efficiency Index, growth rates, and key performance indicators, you can pinpoint areas of improvement, replicate successful strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Discover why Headset is the #1 dispensary management system.

We’re able to offer specific discount amounts tailored to each customer

“Prior to using Headset segments, everyone in our loyalty program received a 5% discount. Now, we’re able to offer specific discount amounts tailored to each customer type — since integrating Headset segments into our marketing campaigns, we’ve been able to reduce our average discount by $1.11 (CAD) without compromising customer loyalty”

Jeremy McPhersonBud Supply Group

Jeremy McPherson

Marketing Director
Bud Supply Group
Ability to track promotional success, inventory lift, and replenishment needs

“Headset has been an amazing value-added business partner for inventory planning and assessing strategy. With the ability to track promotional success, inventory lift, and replenishment needs, our team has been able to capitalize on market share growth opportunities and most importantly maintain excellent service level standards and consistency in consumer product offerings.”

Nick MooreMaggie’s Farm

Nick Moore

Director of Inventory
Maggie’s Farm
The ease of access to data is a game changer

“Having the opportunity to see the software being driven by an experienced user, as well as being provided context in the form of real-world scenarios, successfully converted us into customers. While my understanding of the available data hasn't necessarily changed, the ease of access to said data is the change for me. Prior to this, we would have to go to multiple sources for data, aggregate it all, then parse it for specific needs. Now it's as simple as clicking on a couple of things and we're done. I found Headset Hangouts invaluable for myself and our organization, I appreciated that there was no hard sell during the Hangouts, purely informational, but it was that information that sold us on adopting the solution.”

Andy StevensonMoe Greens

Andy Stevenson

Moe Greens
SOC2 Compliance Badge
Retailer Premium

Decide with Data

Save time managing your inventory.
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Fine-tune Your Assortment

Determine the right product assortment for your customers, identify your top performing products and vendors, and avoid stock-outs through streamlined reordering.
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Create Loyal Customers

Simplify your marketing strategy and better target core customers by analyzing product purchase behavior. Grow a loyal customer base with confidence.
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Elevate Your Staff

Manage a high-performing retail team and optimize store schedules by reviewing employee performance.
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Retailer Pulse

Stay Competitive with Free Tools

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Benchmarking & Local Sales

Measure your performance against other retailers in your market. Stay ahead of market-driven trends.
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Pricing & Inventory Analysis

Having the right products, at the right price, has an outsize impact on sales & customer growth.
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Automated Reports & Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some general questions cannabis industry operators have about Headset Retailer.

How does Headset gather data?

We have direct connections to more than 3,500 cannabis retailers across the US and Canada. Our point of sale integrations give us the most complete market picture of any cannabis data provider.

How much does it cost?

Our basic version of the Retailer platform is free. Advanced features such as deep inventory analysis and customer segmentation start at $250 per month.

Is my data kept secure?

Headset takes security and privacy of data seriously. We are the only cannabis data provider that is SOC2 certified.

Are you a cannabis Point of Sale?

No, Headset integrates with all of the top cannabis POS systems to make your life easier.

Can I integrate your data with other analytics platforms?

Yes! With Headset Vault you have direct and instant access to your data via Snowflake.

Is customer support available for me?

Our customer support team is second to none in the cannabis industry. With in-app chat available from 6am - 5pm PST most queries are answered within 25 seconds.

Do you integrate with my POS?

More than likely, our team has spent the last 8 years writing integrations for more than 30 cannabis POS systems. See them here.

Is Headset available in my state?

Absolutely, our Retailer platform works in all adult use and medical states.

Still have questions?

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