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Securely connect point-of-sale data to keep you ahead of your market with tools to measure sales, optimize your product inventory, & analyze consumer behavior.

Measure Sales & Performance

Optimize Product Inventory

Track Consumer Behavior

Get out of the dark.

Discover why Headset is the #1 data platform for the cannabis economy:

Retailer Premium

Win Your Market With Better Data

Unlock consumer-driven growth. Make smarter pricing decisions. Save time managing your inventory.

Fine-tune Your Assortment

Determine the right product assortment for your customers, identify your top performing products and vendors, and avoid stock-outs through streamlined reordering.

Create Loyal Customers

Simplify your marketing strategy and better target core customers by analyzing product purchase behavior. Grow a loyal customer base with confidence.

Elevate Your Staff

Manage a high-performing retail team and optimize store schedules by reviewing employee performance.
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Retailer Pulse

Stay Competitive With Free Tools

Benchmarking & Local Sales

Measure your performance against other retailers in your market. Stay ahead of market-driven trends.

Pricing & Inventory Analysis

Having the right products, at the right price, has an outsize impact on sales & customer growth.

Automated Reports & Tracking

Get automated sales reports directly to your inbox to track product and budtender performance.
 What People Are Saying:
“A singular solution”

"Truly a one-stop shop solution for those looking to expand their analytics capacity. As a vertical operator with more than 500 employees, we've found a lot of value in using a singular solution that allows us to analyze sales across our 20+ retail locations and contextualize our brand's performance against the larger marketplace."

Jason Berkenstock - C3 Industries

Jason Berkenstock

VP of Retail @ C3 Industries
“Keep inventory lean”

"I was recently put in a position that required me to cut back on our inventory budget, so I looked to Headset Retailer's reorder report to assist me. Because the data-driven model uses in-stock sales to create reorder suggestions, I'm able to order just the right amount of product and keep inventory lean."

One Plant Logo

Alex Schiewe

Purchasing Manager @ One Plant
“Data doesn’t lie”

“The sales velocity data provided from Bridge enables me to build just-in-time purchase orders for my accounts — that way, our buyers aren’t sitting on a ton of product and there’s not that much overhead on their end.”

Grow Op Farms Logo

Josh Novak

VMI Sales Analyst @ Grow Op Farms
“Better relationships”

“We tend to have better relationships with Bridge connected vendors, mainly because they’re more active. For those who aren’t on Bridge, they don’t have any idea of where their numbers are…they’re trying to find their way in the dark.”

Mary Mart Logo

Luigi Troche

Head Buyer @ Mary Mart

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