Headset Company and Products FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our company and products.
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How does Headset ensure retailers' detailed data is “anonymized” and protected?

At Headset we give retailers tools to better use their data to facilitate business decision making. The retailers themselves, and Headset analysts are the only parties that have access to raw retailer data.

The Headset Platform and analysts remove all store level attributes from the retailers' data and collect an anonymous sample from the data to feed into the Headset Insights forecasting algorithm. The Headset Insights platform then returns estimates of daily, statewide sales data for Headset Insights' customers to use to understand the aggregated marketplace.

Your raw data is never accessed or shared to any 3rd parties, and it is protected with the latest security protocols in the world.

How does Headset get its data?

We collect receipt level data from participating retail cannabis stores through a direct integration to their point-of-sale system. We also use government reported data to inform our algorithms and improve the quality of our data set.

How does Headset compare to its competition?

Some might claim to be competitors, in reality there are no direct competitors as we are the only organization collecting receipt-level data and providing actionable insights in real-time.

Is Headset pricing data/reports pre or post tax?

Our pricing data and reports are pre-tax.

How does Headset break down its data set?

Our data and reports encompass 9 different cannabis product categories. Each category is then broken down further into category segments.

What markets does Headset have coverage on?

Currently, we have a market read in Washington (WA), Colorado (CO), California (CA), Nevada (NV) and Alberta (AB). We will continue to add markets as we obtain the proper market coverage.

However, Headset is available with its Headset Retailer and Headset Bridge tools in every cannabis legal market across US and Canada, serving Retailers, Dispensaries, Brands, Vendors and Distributors with the right tools to manage their day-to-day operations.

What percentage of the cannabis market does Headset cover?

We will not release a read on a market until we have enough coverage to provide a statistically significant prediction of the entire market. This can be anywhere from 15 to 30% market penetration. However that does not mean we would stop increasing our market penetration once we reach those thresholds. We never stop connecting to new retail locations so we will continue to provide expanding coverage to our Headset Bridge product - Our Vendor Managed Inventory solution.

Does Headset report demographic data?

We collect some demographic information that comes from the loyalty programs at participating retailers. This is not yet visualized in the Headset Insights tool. The best way to get a read at demographics insights is through one of our Market Reports.

How valid/relevant is Headset Insights data?

Headset Insights uses predictive model analytics to forecast the market. It is valid and relevant enough that the SEC won’t let Headset employees trade within the cannabis sector of the stock market. The percentage of error in our market read is negligible.

My POS system has great reporting. Why do I need Headset Retailer?

Your POS system is probably providing you a good baseline reporting. Headset Retailer enhances the information your POS system collects so you can get more out of your data, with easy to understand, actionable insights.

Headset Retailer offers daily summary emails, budtender reports and a promotions impact analysis report that your POS system does not have. Furthermore, with Headset Retailer you are able to connect with vendors, brands and distributors to use VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solutions.

If I choose to share my transactional data with my vendors, will they see all my stores transactions?

When you decide to share your inventory data with your vendors through our Headset Retailer tool and its connection to Headset Bridge, you are sharing daily inventory levels of that specific vendor products on your shelves.

Vendors would never be able to see any other data from your store. Vendors can only see how their specific products are selling and how much inventory is left in your store. No other data is shared.

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