About Headset

Get to know the people behind the data. Our team has been at the forefront of cannabis tech for over a decade.
Team Headset continually striving to make cannabis company succeed by empowering them with reliable and actionable cannabis market data.
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What We Believe

Our Core Values

Our mission — enable the success of the cannabis industry through unparalleled market intelligence and consumer trends, removing the guesswork from decision-making.


We practice relentless grit: Pushing through obstacles while dedicating one’s self to take ownership of our work.


No need for silos. We let integrity guide our actions, while operating with radical transparency and trust in the people we work with.


We advocate ‘team before self’ with a deep awareness for the experience of our customers and partners.


We are data driven to the core. Data drives our decision making and measurement is critical. We strive to help our customers differentiate their own success with useful data.


Rapid growth is critical to success. We employ a sense of urgency while avoiding panic. We embrace feedback with the understanding that ‘perfect is the enemy of good’.
The Headset Story

Our Founders

Our founding team has over a decade of experience in the legalized cannabis tech industry, originally launching Leafly over a decade ago.
Cy Scott
CEO & Co-founder
Entrepreneur; Former Co-founder at Leafly
Scott Vickers
CTO & Co-founder
Entrepreneur; Former Co-founder at Leafly
Brian Wansolich - Chief Design Officer
Brian Wansolich
CDO & Co-founder
Entrepreneur; Former Co-founder at Leafly
Cannabis Tech Pioneers Since 2010

The Headset Story...

Founded Leafly 2010

Our team began accelerating the adoption of legal cannabis launching Leafly in 2010. Since it's inception, we've worked with our talented team to grow Leafly into a platform that serves 6M visits monthly with multimillion-dollar revenues.

Leafly Acquired

Leafly acquired by Privateer Holding a leading company in the cannabis space with backing from institutional investors, such as Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

Headset Founded 2015

Headset is a data-driven tech company that provides a business intelligence platform for the cannabis industry. Their services cover an array of specialized needs that businesses in the industry have, be they growers, extractors, processors, or retailers. The company's mission is to help operators make more informed business decisions through data. It aggregates multiple reporting sources to help analysts, producers, and retailers see opportunities and stay ahead of product trends.

The Future Of Cannabis

Providing data driven insights for Growers, Processors and Retailers
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