Headset Legal

We further that commitment, and explain the responsibilities of our retailers and customers, with a number of written agreements and policies. If you’re a valued Headset retailer or customer, or want to become one, we’ve provided links to these agreements and policies for your quick reference. From time to time this list will change as we update these agreements and policies.

Headset Customer Agreements & Policies

Sub Processors

Headset engages the third-parties listed below as “sub-processors” for the purpose of providing Headset customers with our products and services. Headset notifies its customers of any changes to this list of sub-processors via email.

If you are a current Headset customer, with a data processing agreement (“DPA”) in place with Headset, you may notify us of an objection to Headset’s use of a new Third-Party Sub-processor by sending such objection to as set forth in your DPA. Objections shall be handled as described in the DPA.


  • Microsoft Corporation
  • US
  • Cloud hosting & infrastructure


  • Snowflake Inc.
  • US
  • Cloud based platform


  • Looker Data Sciences Inc.
  • US
  • Cloud based data visualization

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