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Without Headset, I wouldn't be able to effectively and efficiently utilize my time, as well as support the time management of purchasers and managers. The analytic nature of headset allows me to build relationships while not having to worry about the reliability of data.
Tess Cornwell
Teal Cannabis
Headset has simplified my role as a Buyer. It provides real-time insights to my brand partners which streamlines order placement and helps maintain consistent inventory levels for all the shops. Additionally, it fosters stronger partnerships with brands through transparent and accountable inventory management.
Erin George
"As a small operator in New York’s emerging market, it's critical to move with as much precision as possible. Headset Bridge has given us the insights to proceed operationally with data-driven confidence and for that reason, has fast become a staple of our business.”
Phil Spinelli
Nightshade Farm
"Headset’s discount reporting allowed me to easily pinpoint and cut back on the discounts being overused at the dispensary level — that feature alone was worth signing up.”
Rachael Bross
Old Route 66 Wellness
“Using Bridge with our brands has already been a huge help with keeping things in stock at all times and ensuring that our brands are giving us the most accurate order suggestions possible.”
Heather Copeland
Perfect Union
"Headset is a great tool to gain in-depth knowledge on customer transactions. Whether it is the impact of promotions on overall revenue or viewing the items most commonly purchased together, Headset allows us to build a more comprehensive strategy to meet the needs of our customers.”
Sequoah Turner
The Source Dispensary
"When the data shows cultivars moving at high velocities, we have the ability to allocate inventory to our Headset Bridge partners in real time to ensure they maximize their revenue and profit by avoiding stock outs. Their success is our success.”
Lauren Marshall
Claybourne Co
“Bridge not only helps me with purchasing, but it also helps with inventory reconciliation and quickly identifying what’s old and aging — having your brands come in and provide that support is a huge time-saver. If more brands were using Bridge, I would easily save 6 hours per week.”
Chelsea Hawkesby
Kind Delivery
“Headset has been an amazing value-added business partner for inventory planning and assessing strategy. With the ability to track promotional success, inventory lift, and replenishment needs, our team has been able to capitalize on market share growth opportunities and most importantly maintain excellent service level standards and consistency in consumer product offerings.”
Nick Moore
Maggie’s Farm
"I was recently put in a position that required me to cut back on our inventory budget, so I looked to Headset Retailer's reorder report to assist me. Because the data-driven model uses in-stock sales to create reorder suggestions, I'm able to order just the right amount of product and keep inventory lean."
Alex Schiewe
One Plant
"Headset is truly a one-stop shop solution for those looking to expand their analytics capacity. As a vertical operator with more than 500 employees, we've found a lot of value in using a singular solution that allows us to analyze sales across our 20+ retail locations and contextualize our brand's performance against the larger marketplace."
Jason Berkenstock
C3 Industries
“We launched our new 100mg shots specifically based on the data we saw from Headset — we were able to see how big of an opportunity there was within the segment [shots, syrups & elixirs], and so we went after it.”
Ave Miller
Fly Beverage Co
“We tend to have better relationships with Bridge connected vendors, mainly because they’re more active. For those who aren’t on Bridge, they don’t have any idea of where their numbers are…they’re trying to find their way in the dark.”
Luigi Troche
Mary Mart
“We use Headset data as an artist uses paint — from annual business reviews with retail partners to prospecting, the real-time insights have helped us grow both our verticals & horizontals.”
Christopher Lewis
“We use Headset Bridge to primarily understand the overall business we have with our customers — being able to see and track sell-through is incredibly valuable.”
James Duncan
“The sales velocity data provided from Bridge enables me to build just-in-time purchase orders for my accounts — that way, our buyers aren’t sitting on a ton of product and there’s not that much overhead on their end.”
Josh Novak
Grow Op Farms
“Prior to using Headset segments, everyone in our loyalty program received a 5% discount. Now, we’re able to offer specific discount amounts tailored to each customer type — since integrating Headset segments into our marketing campaigns, we’ve been able to reduce our average discount by $1.11 (CAD) without compromising customer loyalty”
Jeremy McPherson
Bud Supply Group
"We saw the importance of targeting smaller audiences - we used to send about 12,000 text messages per campaign, but with Headset segments, we’ve been able to cut that down to a very targeted 600 that we know will engage or at least click on the message. It’s definitely saved us money.”
Jayson Harman
Craft Cannabis
“Having the opportunity to see the software being driven by an experienced user, as well as being provided context in the form of real-world scenarios, successfully converted us into customers. While my understanding of the available data hasn't necessarily changed, the ease of access to said data is the change for me. Prior to this, we would have to go to multiple sources for data, aggregate it all, then parse it for specific needs. Now it's as simple as clicking on a couple of things and we're done. I found Headset Hangouts invaluable for myself and our organization, I appreciated that there was no hard sell during the Hangouts, purely informational, but it was that information that sold us on adopting the solution.”
Andy Stevenson
Moe Greens

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