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Retail Inventory Intelligence for the Cannabis Vendor

Headset Bridge builds a collaborative relationship between brands and retailers. Get visibility into inventory levels, sales velocity and price point at participating retailers to optimize your supply chain.

Collaborating with your retailers through direct-data sharing is a powerful way to optimize your business. Getting visibility into inventory and sales at a location supports forecasting and helping those retailers ensure that they have the right amount of inventory at any given time.

Inventory Levels Over Time
Visibility into low stock inventory to optimize inventory in the channel and limit stock-out events.
Product Sales Trends
View product sales trends in real-time across your retail accounts, super fast whenever you need it.
Vendor Managed Inventory
Create and send sales orders based on par-inventory levels, saving your retail account time and effort.

Market-level data is right at your fingertips with our new, free tool. Start getting the most out of our industry-leading data set and market intelligence today.

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Optimized inventory = more $

Optimal inventory levels are a win all around. By limiting excess inventory in the supply chain for distributors, processors and retailers there is reduced carrying costs and a better return on asset ratios for all parties involved.

Headset Bridge enables you to reduce inventory levels as much as possible while improving and maintaining availability.

Get product sales trends.

As you introduce new products to market getting real-time visibility can be critical to meeting an unanticipated influx of reordering as it become a success.

Identify how successful new products are as measured by average unit sales, immediately after it hits the shelves resulting in more accurate forecasting and product development so you can meet that influx of retailer reorders.

Measure promotion powered sales lift.

Your incredible new ad campaign just went live, but how much did it impact sales?

Now you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to see the results based on reorders, get sales lift info in real-time across your accounts. Campaign engagement is measured instantly without any extra effort from the retailer.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Headset Bridge supports sales order generation by utilizing par inventory levels so you can provide vendor managed inventory services for your clients.

Retailers win by leveraging your time and expertise to provide them with the ‘goldilocks’ reorder amounts, never too much, never too little and always just right.

Trusted by the best in cannabis

“Headset made my job incredibly easy when it comes to forecasting budgeting and just making sure that I have enough product in. It allows me to see inventory at all my locations, and it'll tell me exactly how many weeks I have out before I need to reorder again. This has been an invaluable tool for me to do my job.“
Kelley Owen, Director of Vendor Management
“The future is having a Crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”
nate yagoda, Director of strategy
“Our company runs on Headset. From the VMI, to the re-order to the impact analysis. It’s an integral part of our daily operations. We couldn’t do it without headset!“
Ben Bentitou, co-founder
“This isn’t just about our business; this is about a much bigger movement that we’re all working towards which is, that brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and data is another really great way for normalizing this industry.”
duni Disston, sales

Retailer-direct data sharing

Bringing the tools utilized by successful big-box retailers to cannabis. Driving success through the exchange of information, sharing of data and joint business building.

Simple Invitation System

Getting retailer accounts to share their data is as easy as sending an invitation through Headset Bridge. Support for leading point-of-sale systems ensures good coverage.

Advanced Reporting

Find fast moving products, see days remaining by account and low inventory or stock-out events. Understand product performance as % of all retail account sales and more.

Sales Order Generation

Your retailer accounts are busy and often prefer an accurate proposed order based on historical sales data to ensure optimal reordering.

Forecast. Replenish. Support.

Forecast product trends from retailer data
Lower inventory carry for retailer and yourself
Support accounts through managed inventory and support
Collaborate your way to success
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