Headset Bridge

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Gain immediate insights into sales and inventory with direct retailer data, enabling smarter decision-making for cost-effective replenishment and supply chain management.

Headset Bridge

Headset Bridge - Closing the Gap on Buyer-Supplier Inefficiencies

Supporting collaboration between retailer & vendors. Powered by point-of-sale data to enable live inventory tracking and sales velocity data.

Reduce Stock-Outs

Menu Comparisons

Streamline Ordering

Trusted by the Best

Headset has the largest network of dispensary partners in the world.

Data doesn't lie

“The sales velocity data provided from Bridge enables me to build just-in-time purchase orders for my accounts — that way, our buyers aren’t sitting on a ton of product and there’s not that much overhead on their end.”

Josh NovakGrow Op Farms

Josh Novak

VMI Sales Analyst
Grow Op Farms
Easily save 6 hours per week

“Bridge not only helps me with purchasing, but it also helps with inventory reconciliation and quickly identifying what’s old and aging — having your brands come in and provide that support is a huge time-saver. If more brands were using Bridge, I would easily save 6 hours per week.”

Chelsea Hawkesby Kind Delivery

Chelsea Hawkesby

VP of Operations
Kind Delivery
Data-driven confidence

"As a small operator in New York’s emerging market, it's critical to move with as much precision as possible. Headset Bridge has given us the insights to proceed operationally with data-driven confidence and for that reason, has fast become a staple of our business.”

Phil SpinelliNightshade Farm

Phil Spinelli

Nightshade Farm

Collaboration for retailers & vendors

Powered by point-of-sale data to enable live inventory tracking and sales velocity data.

Sales Visualization

With a single glance, Headset Bridge empowers you to understand how many of your products are selling, across the full range of retailers that stock your products.

Inventory optimization

Vendor-managed inventory allows you to anticipate new sales orders based on inventory levels, to prevent your products from selling out.

Vendor-driven ordering

By allowing the producer to drive sales orders, retailers benefit from leveraging your expertise through precise order sizes, delivered at the opportune time.

Simplify cannabis menus & inventory

Sourced directly from API integrations, which means zero interruptions.

Menu Comparisons

Assess product parity among your retail competitors:

• Product, brand & category assortment
• SKU price comparison
• New brand/product alerts

Promotional Tracking

Understand real-time promotional activity and counter with a competitive response.

Stock-out alerts

Create runway to acquire new customers when your competitor’s run out of product staples.
Headset Bridge Signal Cannabis Menu Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general questions cannabis industry operators have about Headset Bridge.

How does Headset gather data?

We have direct connections to more than 3,500 cannabis retailers across the US and Canada. Our point of sale integrations give us the most complete market picture of any cannabis data provider.

How much does Headset Bridge cost?

Monthly pricing is based on how many retail locations are sharing data with you.

Do you integrate with my customer’s POS?

More than likely, our team has spent the last 8 years writing integrations for more than 30 cannabis POS systems.

Can I integrate your data with other analytics platforms?

Yes! With Headset Vault you have direct and instant access to your data via Snowflake.

Is customer support available for me?

Our customer support team is second to none in the cannabis industry. With in-app chat available from 6am - 5pm PST most queries are answered within 25 seconds.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We'd love to hear from you!

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