Supporting collaboration between retailers & vendors

Become a preferred vendor by ensuring your retailer has the right amount of product at the right time. Through vendor managed inventory, Bridge positions your cannabis operation to limit stock-out events and streamline the reorder process.

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Bridge is integrated with the industry's leading point-of-sale providers
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Enable data driven efficiency

As a brand or distributor, you know that you have a quality product and your brands fit in with the line of products the retailer carries. As a retailer, you know you can count on a handful of brands to drive revenue and keep your customers happy. Headset Bridge makes this even easier, enabling retailer direct data sharing supporting vendor managed inventory efforts, with data access selectively controlled by the retailer.
For store owners, dispensary managers and inventory managers

Cannabis software built to power both the vendor & retailer with shared data

As a brand or distributor, you understand your product and how your brands fit into each retailers product line. As a retailer, you count on a handful of brands to drive revenue and keep your customers happy. Headset Bridge makes this easy on both parties. Enabling retailer direct data sharing supports efficient vendor managed inventory efforts, all with data access selectively controlled by the retailer.


Sales visualization

With a single glance, Headset Bridge empowers you to understand how many of your products are selling, across the full range of retailers that stock your products.

Intuitive Graphic Interface

Clean, color-coded design, to help immediately and effortlessly spot opportunities.

POS Integration

Simple, one-time setup, to begin utilizing data as fast as possible.


Inventory optimization

Vendor-managed inventory allows you to anticipate new sales orders based on par inventory levels, to prevent your products from selling out

Multiple Location Support

Company-wide perspective on performance, inventory, and staffing, across all your retailer locations.


Clear, concise, actionable reporting, to visualize sell-through rates, with comprehension at-a-glance


Vendor-driven ordering

By allowing the producer to drive sales orders, retailers benefit from leveraging your expertise through precise order sizes, delivered at the opportune time.

Reorder Report

Simple accurate orders, by selecting the number of weeks you want your supply to last, based on your Average Daily Units.

Invitation System:

Easily consolidate all your retailers in Bridge, enabling free data flow, via our simple invitation system.