Cannabis delivery & in-store sales on 4/20

April 28, 2022
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In general, 4/20 this year was a holiday that saw big sales numbers from both in-person and delivery cannabis shoppers. However, customers were clearly excited to venture out and celebrate the holiday with the cannabis community as in-person sales saw slightly higher growth than delivery sales in most US markets.

For example, among Michigan cannabis retailers that offer delivery, the median store enjoyed 177% growth in in-store sales but only 166% growth in delivery sales on 4/20 in comparison to the previous four Wednesdays. The median store’s proportion of total sales to delivery orders declined slightly on 4/20, dropping to 4.2% of sales on the holiday versus 4.4% of sales across the previous four Wednesdays.

The discrepancy was larger in California. Among the cannabis retailers that offer delivery to customers, the median store saw 180% growth to in-store sales but only 122% growth to delivery sales. Additionally, the median store’s proportion of total sales coming from delivery orders on 4/20 dropped to 7.7% versus 10.4% over the previous four Wednesdays.