Cannabis sales growth on 4/20/21

April 20, 2021
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4/20 this year was the largest single day of cannabis sales on record in both the US and Canada! Total recreational sales on the holiday in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon (including Medical sales), and Washington broke $42.6M. In Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, total recreational sales reached $5.97M CAD. These massive sales totals represented +84.5% growth in average daily sales over the previous four Tuesdays in the US and +59.9% growth in Canada. It should be noted that while growth in the US is impressive, this is less relative holiday growth than we have seen in recent years. In 2020, despite 4/20 falling early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the US cannabis market saw 100.4% growth over the previous four weeks. In 2019, when 4/20 fell on a Saturday, recreational cannabis sales grew by a staggering 118.6%.