Cannabis sales on Canada Day & 4th of July weekend

July 7, 2022
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Cannabis sales declined in both the US and Canada over the holiday weekend this year. When evaluating cannabis sales on Canada Day relative to the previous four Fridays, we see a significant decline of 23% in total sales across all Canadian provinces. Ontario experienced the most significant decline with a 29% deduction in sales. All product categories experienced declines as well, especially popular categories such as Vapor Pens (-27%), Flower (-25%), Oil (-22), and Concentrates (-19%).

In the US, markets experienced a decline of -6.6% in total sales on the 4th of July compared to the previous four Mondays. Unlike in Canada, not all categories saw a decline. The Pre-Roll category actually saw an increase of 6% in sales while Topicals (-17%) and Capsules (-28%) saw decreases.