Cannabis sales on Christmas 2022

January 5, 2023
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While December was a solid month of cannabis sales for the US and Canada, sales on Christmas actually saw a decrease. In the US, the week of Christmas saw a 4.9% drop compared to the previous three weeks. Total sales in Canada dropped even more at 63.3%, partially due to store closures and reduced hours along with exceptionally strong sales numbers from the first half of the month.

Holidays are an interesting time of gift giving, celebrations with family, and celebrations with friends, and we can see this unique mix reflected in the category sales lift during this time as well. For example, Topicals seem to be a popular gift, and we see their popularity often spike during the week of Christmas.

Category sales in the US:

  • Topical (+18.5%)
  • Beverage (+15.3%)
  • Edible (+10.6%)
  • Capsules (+6.5%)
  • Vapor Pens (+1.6%)
  • Pre-Roll (+1.3%)
  • Tincture & Sublingual (-0.4%)
  • Concentrates (-1.4%)
  • Flower (-3.2%)

Category sales in Canada:

  • Beverage (+21.2%)
  • Topical (+21.2%)
  • Edible (+14.6%)
  • Tincture & Sublingual (+4.7%)
  • Concentrates (+3.8%)
  • Vapor Pens (+0.7%)
  • Flower (-1.2%)
  • Capsules (-2.0%)
  • Pre-Roll (-4.0%)
  • Oil (-7.6%)

*This analysis looks at the week of Christmas (12/21 - 12/27), compared to the previous three weeks in the following markets: CA, WA, OR, CO, NV, MI, MA, AZ, MD, FL, IL in the US and AB, BC, ON, SK in Canada.