Cannabis sales on Dab Day 7/10/22 in the US & Canada

July 14, 2022
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Cannabis sales increased in both the US and Canada on 7/10 this year. In the US, total sales increased by 6.2% compared to the previous four Sundays. In Canada, total sales increased by 6.6%. The Concentrates category experienced the most sales growth in the US, increasing by 66%. Vapor Pens, which we've also seen perform well during Dab Day in the past, had the second highest sales growth at 10%. In Canada, the Concentrates category only saw an 8% increase.

This holiday was also a great day for fans of Concentrates to stock up. In the US the average discount on Concentrates grew by 73%, rising from 20.0% during the previous four weeks to 34.6% on 7/10. There was a significant increase in Concentrate discounts in Canada as well with the average discount for products in this category rising from 3.9% over the previous four Sundays to 5.6% on Dab Day for a relative increase of 44%.