Cannabis sales trends from Thanksgiving 2022

November 28, 2022
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Green Wednesday and Black Friday were the third and fourth biggest sales days so far in the US in 2022. When we look at cannabis sales from Wednesday through Friday during the week of Thanksgiving, we see that Green Wednesday had the greatest increase in sales, increasing 48% compared to a typical Wednesday in November. Friday, which is usually the highest performing sales day during a standard week, saw only a minor sales lift with a 1% increase on Black Friday. Sales on Thanksgiving Day decreased 65% as many were celebrating with family on the holiday.

Inhalable categories took the biggest hit during the holidays, with Concentrates (-11.4%) and Flower (-10.8%) seeing the most decrease in sales. More discrete and non-inhalable categories such as Topicals (15.7%), Beverages (13.2%), and Edibles (6.1%) saw sales growth during the holiday stretch.

Discounts increased during the holiday. Green Wednesday was the largest day of sales during the week, but had the smallest average discount of the three days (19.8%), though with an increase of 6 percentage points compared to a typical Wednesday. Thanksgiving (22.2%) and Black Friday (23.7%) saw the largest average discounts both with an increase of over 8 percentage points compared to a typical Thursday and Friday.