Market share of Pre-Rolls across stores in California

Published on 
March 16, 2022
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Pre-Rolls have a 15% market share in California, but not all stores look alike. In this graph, we can see that most stores in California (the middle 50%), have a market share between 12.5% and 17.5%. But some stores see very little sales to Pre-Rolls (<5%), and other stores see more than 33% of their sales to Pre-Rolls. Looking at this data, we find that the margin of error on our California Pre-Roll market share estimate of 15% is about 0.6%. This means we are 95% confident that the true mean is somewhere between 14.4% and 15.6%. This variance in the market is why we take our sampling procedures so seriously at Headset and why we have so many talented Data Analysts and Data Scientists on our team!

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