Sales growth in the Michigan cannabis market

September 20, 2022
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Of all the markets we track, Michigan has grown the most of any US market this year. Between January and August 2022, total cannabis sales in Michigan grew 32.3%, while markets in the rest of the US grew 0.8% collectively. In July, Michigan had their biggest month of sales ever recorded at $210 million.

Many product categories in the Michigan market are seeing growth. Sales of Pre-Rolls, the fourth largest category in Michigan, have increased 79.6% when comparing total sales in the first eight months of 2022 with the same period in 2021. Beverages, one of the smallest categories, grew 254% over the same time period. Tinctures & Sublinguals are an exception, decreasing -23.3% YoY.

*This analysis looks at total sales between January 2022 and August of 2022 from CA, WA, OR, NV, FL, MD, IL, MI, MA, CO, AZ.