Sales share by age group: Pennsylvania vs US

June 17, 2021
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Do age groups in Pennsylvania purchase cannabis differently from other markets? Here, we are comparing Q1 2021 cannabis sales share of various age groups in Pennsylvania to the other US states we cover in Headset Insights (WA, CA, CO, and NV). One unique factor about the Pennsylvania market is it is currently a medical only market, serving medical patients above the age of 18. Here we can see that Pennsylvania sales skew slightly more to older age groups when compared to other US states. For example in PA, Baby Boomers drove 8.3% more sales than their US counterparts and Gen Xers drove +16.8%. On the other hand, PA Millennials drove -4.8% less sales than their US counterparts and Gen Zers drove -18.2%. To learn more about cannabis demographic data, sign up for a demo of Insights Premium.