What to expect from cannabis shoppers on Thanksgiving

November 22, 2021
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The Thanksgiving holiday, and Black Friday more specifically, is one of the most important shopping events in all US retail sectors, and cannabis is no exception. We even have Green Wednesday! Thanksgiving day this year will likely be a slow day of sales. Last year, average daily sales on Thanksgiving day decreased by 58% compared to the previous four Thursdays. We expect to see a drop of at least 50% this year. Black Friday, on the other hand, usually demonstrates strong sales and last year was no exception with the retail 'holiday' bringing in nearly 10% more average daily sales than the previous four Fridays. This is actually a lower sales increase than we've seen in previous years, so we predict that Black Friday 2021 will see at least a 20% lift in average daily sales versus the previous four weeks. We also think that Thanksgiving and Black Friday will both see relative increases in discounts of at least 40% this year, so enjoy those deals!