The Advanced Reporting Platform Built for GrowFlow

Get the data you need to optimize your GrowFlow-powered dispensary, with intuitive GrowFlow dashboards and unified advanced reporting across your entire tech stack. Identify what's driving your business forward with more than 50 GrowFlow reports custom tailored to the cannabis industry.

Unlock the Power of Your GrowFlow Data

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Identify the Products Driving Your Revenue

Identify products that are great sellers, and products that may be holding you back. Inventory grading, coverage ratios, and turnover rates are provided to help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and managing inventory.

Know Your Customer

Use Headset's advanced customer segmentation tools to find your Champions and win back your high-value customers that have gone elsewhere. Integrate directly with SpringBig to hyper-target your marketing efforts and optimize your marketing spend.

Update Your Team in Real-Time

Our flexible dashboard scheduling allows any report to be delivered directly to your team to stay on top of performance on a regular cadence.

Collaborate with Your Suppliers

Utilizing Headset Bridge, your approved partners can see how their products are performing on your shelves. This provides a single source of truth to eliminate ordering friction and ensure your inventory is managed efficiently.

Supercharge Your GrowFlow Reporting


See sales contributions by vendor, brand, category, and other dimensions. Identify products that are not only driving sales but also profits.

Purchase Methods

See how your e-commerce and delivery options compare to in-store purchasing.


Compare yourself to our sample of thousands of other cannabis retailers. Are you keeping pace with the market growth or falling behind?

Inventory Turn

How fast is your inventory turning over and are there products that you should stop carrying due to their high cost and slow movement?

Budtender Performance

Compare average ticket sizes and revenue per hour for each of your employees on the sales floor.

Discount Details

Measure redemptions and usage of discounts, identify budtenders that may be outside the average of discounts utilized.

Basket Analysis

Identify common categories and brands frequently purchased together. Optimize your layout and train your sales with bundling opportunities to expand revenue.

Customer LTV

Discover which products customers buy that drive their lifetime value, explore repeat customers' purchasing habits and purchasing frequency.

Referral Source

Make sure the marketing dollars you spend on Leafly, Weedmaps, and others are delivering a return on the investment.