The cannabis industry moves fast!

You can now keep a pulse check on legal cannabis markets with our new, free tool, Insights Pulse. Why wait? Start leveraging the industry’s most robust data set today.

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Competitive Intelligence for the Cannabis Industry

Real-time market intelligence and insights for businesses across the cannabis value chain. Headset Insights is derived from POS, receipt-level data, aggregated and standardize to make sense of what's going on in the market.

Real-time market intelligence for the cannabis industry. Monitor the competitive landscape, identify opportunities, and stay ahead of industry trends as never before. Our market data is real-time, so you can find out what’s going on today, not months ago. Utilizing market data to drive decisions can solidify your leading brand position in this fast moving, rapidly changing market.

Real-time Market Insights
Find out what's happening today, not a month or two ago.
Category, Brand and Product
From the SKU to the category and everything in between.
Richer reports with demo data tied directly to sales data.

Market-level data is right at your fingertips with our new, free tool. Start getting the most out of our industry-leading data set and market intelligence today.

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Headset Insights brings clarity to this rapidly developing industry.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Quickly getting information about competition can be critical to success. Discover brand and product margins, retail pricing, and market penetration of your competitors. Dive into specific product manufacturer brands to find out where the majority of their revenues are generated, what's working, and what's not. No more surprise competitors spotted on the shelf - get highlights on new product and brand introductions immediately.

Get CBD Insights

Better understand CBD products within recreational cannabis markets, including what categories and segments are resonating with consumers and how the products compare with traditional cannabis products.

Turn to CBD Insights and get a solid read on this expanding sector of the industry - it's all yours to maximize opportunities starting today.

Optimize Perfomance

As a product manufacturer, get key insights not only into where you rank within the overall market, but also how you perform at individual retailers and dispensaries. Our market data illustrates how you stack up next to the competition and is invaluable for brand positioning when approaching new or existing clients. Our live inventory data can help you maintain your client retail and dispensary accounts, and understand how well you perform at individual stores via stock levels, average sales, and retail price.

Understand the cadence of the recreational market.

Demand Planning helps you understand the 'when' of the retail cannabis industry. Retailers can use these dashboards to help plan when they need to stock up on certain types of inventory. Producers can use demand planning to help figure out when they need to ramp up production when the best times to restock at a store are, and when the best time to have a vendor day is. These dashboards allow you to explore temporal sales trends at the category, segment, and brand level.

This industry moves fast. Be ready.

Real-time reporting is a powerful tool that enables you to do things like find out the best seller's yesterday or what category is trending today. Waiting a month to get data can be costly and damaging, real-time means you are ready when you need to be.

Category Trends

Find out category performance and trends, from the high industry overview down to a specific subcategory. We track 10 categories and over 70 subcategories.

Brand Trends

New brands are constantly being introduced and future leaders are being established today. Get insights into brand sales trends, discover their retail margins and top selling products.

Analyst services

Many customers need assistance getting the most out of our Insights or Retailer platform. For an hourly rate we now allow our customers to purchase consulting services.

Understand the market.

Make informed decisions based on opportunity
Stay ahead of the competition
Better understand your brands position
Make sense of category, brand and product trends
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