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Real-time market intelligence software to empower cannabis operators and businesses alike to track consumer trends and identify opportunities as they appear, not months after they’ve been capitalized on by competitors in your market.

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Intelligence derived from point-of-sale data from thousands of locations

Outperform the market

Build an intelligent strategy that positions you as a market leader

Monitor the competitive landscape

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping an eye on trends as they occur

Better support investments

Follow the growing trends and make sure your focus is on the right place

Find opportunity first

Discover gaps in the market before your competitors

Position your business for success with analytical tools to keep you ahead in this fast-paced industry.

Insights Pulse

Access market-level data for free. With Insights Pulse, you can maintain a high-level read on legal cannabis and understand markets at the category level with pricing, discounts and shopping insights.
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Insights Premium

Understand the competitive landscape and find market opportunities in Insights Premium. Drive your strategy with analytics on cannabis consumers, shopping behaviors, sales trends, inventory carry, pricing, discounts, and more.
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Top selling cannabis flower

Daily updates of top selling cannabis provided by Headset Insights
Avg. Price
Sales (30day)*
Pacific Stone
Wedding Cake (Eighth)
Pacific Stone
Wedding Cake (Eighth)
Pacific Stone
Wedding Cake (Quarter Ounce)
Pacific Stone
Wedding Cake (Quarter Ounce)
Pacific Stone
805 Glue (3.5g)
Pacific Stone
805 Glue (3.5g)

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