Strategy powered by industry leading cannabis market intelligence

Complete coverage of brands, pricing analytics, consumer purchasing behaviors, and additional tools to succeed in the industry.
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Trusted by leading retailers

From publicly traded multi-store operators to local small businesses, Headset Insights levels the playing field by giving you first class analytics for your business.

Privacy and security first

As a data company, we know what it means to take data privacy and security seriously. Compliance, security, and privacy are paramount.

Data at your fingertips (and inbox)

Dashboards developed in conjunction with input from leading retail operators to make running your business easier with accessible data, straight to your inbox.

The Headset Process

Headset provides the most timely and comprehensive view of legal cannabis available today. From our extensive data coverage to our data normalization process, all the way to our advanced analytics, leading organizations are choosing Headset to help them succeed in the cannabis space.
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Answer questions like:

Which brands & products outperform the category average?

Make smarter investments

Are there seasonal patterns for certain products & categories?

Forecast with demand planning

How do specific product categories compare across & within markets?

Inform product development

Premium add-ons


Demographics & basket analysis

Everything you need to know about the cannabis consumer, what they're buying, when they're buying, and more.

Basket analysis

Understand consumer purchasing behaviors, what's in a basket, and how to increase basket size.

Demographic Data

Market your brand effectively by knowing your core customer base in specific markets.


Demand planning

Timing is everything, for retailers and producers alike. Keep your inventory stocked with the right products and understand when purchases are happening.

Holiday trends

Understand how holidays impact prices, sales, and the effectiveness of discounts.

Seasonality analysis

Assess seasonal sales trends, by month, week, or day, and be prepared for what's to come.



Keep pace with this quickly expanding sector of the cannabis industry and maximize your opportunities within the CBD space.

Analysis & trends

Understand the market, how it's growing, as well as packaging trends that are resonating with customers.

CBD Specifics

Learn how your competition is incorporating CBD into their products and find areas for opportunity.

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