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The cannabis industry moves fast. With access to Headset's powerful Insights, you can now compare markets in real-time and put data in context at the category-level, all for free.
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Track industry growth

Understand sales trends in legal markets.

Category details

Monitor the performance of specific cannabis product categories.

Market specifics

Compare category sales and growth in specific states & provinces.

How it all works

Headset data is sourced directly from our network of cannabis retail partners' point-of-sale systems to power projections of the entire legal market. With Headset Insights Pulse, you’ll be able to determine which categories are selling the best, what prices look like, and more, all in real-time and at no cost.

Answer questions like:

How do average prices compare across each market?

Learn more about opportunities in each cannabis market

Is the market's growth accelerating or decelerating over time?

Monitor changing consumer trends

How do product categories compare across markets?

Inform cannabis product development

Core features


Market overview

Explore intuitive dashboards that compare cannabis sales trend data within tracked markets in both the US and Canada.

Category Mix

Understand how different product categories are increasing and decreasing in popularity.

MARKET Comparison

Compare sales trends in legal markets and see how states and provinces are performing.


Category deep-dives

Explore the wide variety of cannabis categories including Flower, Pre-Roll, Beverages, Vapor Pens, and more.

Market & category filters

Filter down to specific categories in different markets to learn how sales are trending and find areas of growth and opportunity.

pricing & market share

Learn where to invest resources for the biggest gains by understanding pricing trends and market growth of different categories.


Explore specific markets

Dive into what makes a region distinct and become an expert about the cannabis industry.

Market Growth

Understand how fast different markets are growing to better project sales opportunities and mitigate all potential risk.

Pricing & Discounting

Keep track of pricing trends and discounts by specific categories to understand purchasing behaviors in different markets.

You're in good company

States and provinces you’ll be able to look at today are:

Don’t see the market you’re most interested in? We’re working hard to add more. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

Trusted by the best in cannabis

“The future is having a crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like Headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”

Nate Yagoda | Director, Strategy

“Headset actually gave us all the data that we needed to curate the express menu and the same day delivery menu”

Kelley Owen | Director of Vendor Management & Purchasing

“Our brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and Headset data is another really great asset to that."


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