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E100-Reflections and origin stories around the cannabis industry for our 100th episode!

October 13, 2022

It’s kind of hard to believe, but the High Rise has made it to its 100th episode already! This industry is always on the move and constantly evolving, so it makes sense that our weekly coverage of each news cycle has brought us to this point.

Because the High Rise has hit this sweet little milestone, Cy and Emily thought it would be pertinent to reflect on how far the industry has come and how it’s affected their own personal journeys as well.

But that’s not all though, we thought it would be even better to share a few quick interviews from some key industry players at the Hall of Flowers event in Santa Rosa California last week. Cy and Emily brought their interview A games to the floor and asked the following two questions: What is something that has surprised you about the cannabis industry? And what keeps you going everyday?

Thank you to our listeners who has supported us during this first year as we stumbled and started to prove out the relevance of this podcast. Please keep on streaming us as the High Rise makes its way to 200 episodes soon!