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E20 - The Business of Cannabis in New York and around the industry

October 1, 2021

Welcome to October! This week’s High-Rise is another remote episode — this time from The Business of Cannabis New York event.

Our hosts Cy Scott and Emily Paxhia discuss New York’s’ rollout into the industry. From lack of vertical integration, a trifecta of channels, microlicenses, to the influence of New York culture and how that will make for some memorable brands the world has yet to see!

From there, our hosts discuss Columbia Care’s new production 34 acre facility and how this will power New York’s whole flower program.

Finally, our hosts delve into other news items from around the industry, such as Tumblr allowing for cannabis advertising on it’s platform, California DCC progress, and Jushi buying up Apothecarium in Nevada.

As always this High-Rise delivers some of the best cannabis industry insight that you won’t get anywhere else — remember to subscribe, comment, review, and share!