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E27 - Back from MJBiz, Columbia Care brings in whole flower to NY, Canna Cabana adopts membership club model, and Indica vs Sativa — a new old take

October 28, 2021

We are back for another week of all things High-Rise! In this episode, our hosts Cy and Emily give a good recap of MJBizCon in Las Vegas and some of the going ons and sentiment adjacent to the conference.

In US MSO news, Columbia Care is the first to offer whole flower to the state of NY. Our hosts dig into some of the initial pricing consumers should expect, as well as potential effects of medical and illicit markets in NY.

In Canadian news, High Tide's Canna Cabana has moved onto a 'discount club' model — think certain grocery stores, coops, or even Costco. Cy and Emily talk a bit about how a model like this focuses on assortment size, private labeling, and loyalty. Will there be a 'Kirkland' brand of cannabis to come out of this?

Finally, our hosts chat about an interesting peer reviewed research paper that was published by Nature (a London based publication since 1969!), which delves into the age old conversation around Indica vs Sativa — interesting findings for sure!

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