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E28 - MJBiz article misrepresents data, down 5% is the new flat, and do recent USA election losses affect legalization?

November 5, 2021

The cannabis industry just had another interesting week, and our hosts of the High-Rise are here to tell you all about it.

For this episode, we are honored to have special guest host W. Andrew Carter, the Vice President at Stifel to join us in the conversation. To start off, it was discovered that MJBizDaily published an article which misinterpreted data provided by Headset. As a result the article mistakenly showed cannabis sales plummeting from last summer.

Next, our hosts talk about how the cannabis market had a pretty rough week in terms of stock performance, and we also discuss the latest news about JP Morgan not allowing the buying of cannabis stocks for their clients — does this mean more banks could follow suit?

After that Cy, Emily, and Andrew talk about legalization and the recent USA elections, where it seems Democrats took some serious losses. Does this mean efforts towards closing the loop on full legalization could be at risk? Will Republicans step up and ‘out progressive’ the Democrats on cannabis?

Finally, we cover the Canadian market where we get a really great earnings primer from W. Andrew Carter and Stifel’s outlook on the LPs up north. This was quite a week with so much to cover, glad we could distill it down in the span of another great episode of the High-Rise for you! Please remember to subscribe and share this podcast often.