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E30 - All about the States Reform Act: Will this finally be the end federal prohibition?

November 16, 2021

We say this often, but this week we have a very special episode of the High-Rise. Our hosts Cy and Emily are joined by returning guest host — the founder of One Plant, recovering lawyer, and cannabis insider Brady Cobb.

The conversation stays focused on a single topic this week, which is the States Reform Act. What does this mean for the cannabis industry? In essence, this legislation would federally decriminalize cannabis and fully defer to state powers over prohibition and commercial regulation. The bill was written by Nancy Mace, a Republican Representative from South Carolina. The framework for this bill differs from the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act written by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in a few distinct ways but also stays true to the spirit behind Schumer’s bill as well. We let Brady take the floor and give us a bit of an inside scoop on all the details around this new legislation and how this could finally be what brings the US cannabis industry out of prohibition forever.

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