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E31 - Kim Rivers CEO of Trulieve

November 18, 2021

On this episode of the High-Rise, we are excited to be joined by Kim Rivers from Trulieve. Kim is the CEO of this successful vertically-integrated “seed-to-sale” MSO. She’s been there since the start and has been a champion for the company’s customer-centric vision, growth, and strategic initiatives.

Trulieve is headquartered in Florida and has dispensaries in over eight US states. Before her life at Trulieve, Kim was a practicing lawyer and she specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and securities for multi-million dollar companies. Trulieve now sits comfortably in a market-leading position and has been expanding as a proven top tier MSO in the cannabis industry.

Our hosts Cy Scott and Emily Paxhia have a great conversation with Ms. Rivers that shouldn’t be missed! Remember to leave a review and subscribe to the High-Rise wherever you get your podcasts so that you never miss an episode!