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E37 - Twitter Spaces edition with special guest Jason Wild

January 21, 2022

We’re changing things up a little bit here at the High-Rise and jumping into Twitter Spaces for this episode. Our guest host Jason Wild will be joining the discussion with Cy and Emily. Jason is the Chairman of the board over at TerrAscend. He has a long history in the cannabis space as well as a previous life in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. He has a fascinating history with getting many business off the ground as well as staying true to the culture around cannabis the entire time.

The discussion kicks off with some reflections on last year and some predictions for 2022. After that, our hosts start talking about the Midwest and East Coast markets, (Michigan and New Jersey in particular). As those markets are getting started, there are many competitors looking to make solid innovations and higher quality products that would likely edge out any non-sophisticated players pretty quick.

Buckle up for a high energy (yet still laid back and data backed) conversation around new market expansion and the business of cannabis at large.

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