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E50 - Talking about cannabis jobs, reform, and working in a startup industry with Scott Kenyon


Welcome to the 50th episode of the High Rise! So many great conversations with so many fascinating guests already, we’re excited to keep it going to at least 500! And to help mark the occasion, we have yet another fascinating guest who will be joining Cy and Emily for episode 50 — Scott Kenyon CEO of Wurk.

This conversation is centered around the cannabis workforce and the various aspects of what it means to be employed in an entire industry made up of startup companies. Our hosts delve into California’s big push to help navigate regulatory landscape by launching their CannaConnect Compliance Hub.

Next, they chat about market expansion with the state of New Jersey gearing up to launch in a matter of weeks. Continuing on with the topic of employment in the cannabis category, our hosts get into some recent news about Amazon helping clear the way for cannabis legalization, by backing the MORE Act, plus the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and States Reform Act — great things ahead for a new workforce in a new industry!

We hope you get a lot out of this High Rise conversation, and thank you for staying with us all the way to episode 50! Please remember to rate and subscribe to our podcasts and share with everyone you know and love.