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E51 - The MORE Act finally passes, earnings season wraps up, and big M&A moves with guest Matt McGinley

April 4, 2022

Hello and welcome to the High Rise! In this episode we bring back financial analyst Matt McGinley to help break down earnings season as it wraps up in April.

As always our hosts Cy and Emily keep the laid back data-backed flowing around the latest news of the week in world of cannabis. They crack right into a few major industry updates with the MORE Act passing the house. The state of New Jersey seems to be dragging its feet with their legalization efforts, and RIV makes a nice acquisition in New York.

Be sure to give this episode a full listen, it’s packed with so much industry news and analysis, you’ll need a little sativa just to keep up! Thanks again for streaming the best podcast in cannabis and please remember to rate and share the High Rise with everyone you know.