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E62 - Some 420 data, Houseplant’s House, NM & NJ sales, and stocks are still down

May 10, 2022

Hello High Risers! Welcome back to another great week and another great episode of our small but mighty podcast. Cy and Emily get right into the latest news cycle in the world of cannabis by cracking into some 420 data — apparently people like shopping at stores vs online.

The brand Houseplant showcased it’s actual house in Architectural Digest and there were no cannabis products in sight strangely enough.

In market news, New Mexico’s Cannabis Control Division (CCD) reported just over $22M in sales during the month of April. Cy and Emily reveal a bit more about those numbers and the story behind them. In New Jersey the state’s first day of sales reached $1.9M — not bad ay Tone?

Finally the conversation rounds out on a bit of a low note, and our hosts talk about the sorry state of our stock markets. It’s not all gloom and doom though as cannabis has proven to be recession proof, so we got that going for us…

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