E63-A little events recap, NJ sales crushes in its first month, RI is #19, and DE is the lamest state right now

High-Rise Podcast | Headset
January 29, 2024
Episode #

Cy and Emily get right into it with a little cannabis business events recap from MJ Unpacked in New York to Lyft&Co in ’Trono’ 

After that our hosts talk about the state of New Jersey’s successful first month of adult use legal cannabis ($5 per week) amazing. 

Continuing on, the conversation stays on states news, where we learn that Delaware’s current governor has vetoed a legalization bill — maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. Meanwhile The ocean state Rhode Island is fired up and ready to go with adult use cannabis, excited to hear about small but mighty sales to come out of there soon.

Concluding, Cy and Emily discuss JW AM suing RIV and Samuel Adams getting into the beverages category by releasing an infused tea…so customers can enjoy tea parties more often.

Thank you as always for streaming in to the High Rise, we look forward to serving up many more laid back, data backed conversations for you each week. Please remember to like and subscribe!






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High-Rise Podcast | Headset
January 29, 2024
Episode #

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