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E64 - Cannabis beverages and The Boston Beer Company

June 7, 2022

So what is this new format exactly? We are shorting our laid back data back conversations to be about 15 minutes each and dropping 2 episodes per week.

With so much happening in the industry on any given week, we think snack-sized episodes that are dedicated to just one topic will make for a better overall listening experience and actually help with being able to retain the information therein…especially for those of us who are cannabis forward.

We’d love to know what you think of this, please feel free to comment on social media and let us know how it’s going.

On this episode Cy and Emily talk about the cannabis beverage category and the latest move by The Boston Beer Company. This longtime beer producer just announced a new drink that's slated to be released in Canada first. They call it ‘TeaPot’ and it’s got some interesting specs that seems to be a departure from the seltzer fad that’s been all the rage for a while now. Stay tuned as our hosts break this down further and provide some interesting perspective on what this means for the category, the Canadian market, and for The Boston Beer Company.