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E68-The War on Drugs: Federal Government’s latest

June 28, 2022

On this episode of the High Rise Cy and Emily talk about what the Federal Government has been up to lately with the ‘War on Drugs’.

Intelligence agencies might be about to relax on hiring employees who’ve used cannabis in the past. The DEA has been seizing more illegally grown cannabis than ever before. The Secretary of Transportation is looking to fly Air Force One around the country to visit lawmakers’ hometowns to convince voters to push for legalization. The EPA still prohibits their workers from using cannabis or directly investing in the industry. What will it take to get legalization across the finish line here?

Stay tuned for the entire conversation to learn and as always we thank you for streaming the High Rise each week…see on the next one! 

Senate Committee Votes To Let People Who’ve Used Marijuana Work For CIA, NSA And Other Intelligence Agencies

DEA Marijuana Busts Increased In 2021, Seizing Over 5.5 Million Plants

Attorney General Garland Reconfirms the DOJ’s Hands-Off Approach Toward Federal Marijuana Prosecution